The End.

Hardly a welcoming title at the beginning, but there you have it.

A small fishing/farming community on a beach by the sea, pop est 100-150. The countryside is rocky with many hills and cliffs but still somewhat arable. Life is not easy here, but it works.

Many similar small towns like to think of themselves as the ass end of the world, but this one actually is – a couple of leagues offshore is the edge of the world. The edge stretches (presumably) forever in either direction; leading up to it and beyond is veiled in fog, but there is a roaring sound like a deafening chorus of falling water and tornadoes.

The town is pretty backwater, but there are still traveling merchants passing through and very occasionally adventurers coming to see The Edge. You would find a church, tavern/inn, a general shop, a lighthouse, harbor, and some homes here.

The End

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